Bambu Lab X1 Carbon


Build Volume 256 x 256 x 256 mm
MarkeBambu Lab
Maschinentyp 3D Printer
Technologie Schmelzschichtung (FDM)
Materialien PLA, ABS, Holz-PLA, PC (Polycarbonat), ASA, Rubber-like (TPU), PETG , Nylon-CF
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Über X1 Carbon

Bewertungen 4.7 46 reviews

Print Quality
Ease Of Use
Failure Rate
Running Expenses
Build Quality
Customer Service
pricey printer but so far does really nice prints and the software is fairly friendly.
Great printer!!! On the higher side of a price point, but totally worth it!
Works great!
Bambulab P1S with an AMS unit is really outstanding. Coming from an Anycubic Vyper and a Prusa Mk3, I am really more than satisfied with the P1S.
The print quality and speed are outstanding.
Best printer on the market!
Amazing printer
Time saver with great quality prints!
An ideal 3d printer for serial production without worrying about waste
Great Quality Printing
Great printer. Great print quality
This is one of my most favorite printers. It can print very fast with exalent quality. This printer is very reliable, with many sensors to help prevent print failures. My favorite feature is the self leveling/ calibration. Before it prints anything I have it set to level and calibrate right before it prints every time. This helps with quality and helps insure parts are correct each and every print, helping insure the quality of your product.
It was by far most accurate and fast printer i've ever had.
The X1 Carbon, along with all Bambu Labs printers, is an absolute workhorse machine with great repeatability, and zero effort in "tinkering" to get great prints.
Très bonne imprimante de qualité semi-professionnel
So far, the X1C has been a stellar printer for anything I have thrown at it!
The Bambu Lab X1 Carbon is great value for money. The print quality and speed is much better than most Creality Printers.
The Bambu Lab P1S is quite impressive considering the price. Great print quality, speed and accuracy straight out of the box this printer is a fantastic "plug and play" printer for those not wanting to "tinker" too much and just produce good quality prints at decent speed. I have not tried other branded filaments on my P1S as yet as I have found the Bambu Lab filaments work very well and decently priced. If I was to criticise anything I think the online printer documentation could be better organised.
Most reliable printer.
Bambu Lab’s X1 Carbon is the current gold standard for low cost printers.
the Bambu X1 Carbon leads the print industry in quality and turn around time.
Best FDM printer I've owned to date, out of a half dozen or so. Minimal effort for quality prints. Bambu Lab customer support can be slow so weigh that in if considering purchasing.
Amazing printer
This Machine is Amazing!
The Bambu Lab X1 Carbon Combo is a fantastic printer with blazing fast print times and really impressive print quality. It can handle any filament I throw at it flawlessly. This printer allows me to spend more time making and designing because it requires so little tinkering and fixing compared to any other printer I've had.
Love the P1P
Easy plug and play printer with very much speed.
best printer i own will have more soon
Best investment I've made in the additive manufacturing space. I get consistent high quality prints every time.
Is the only best consumer printer in market right now.
Easy to beginner to start
Needs experienced user to maintain printer and 4 AMS.
Replaces parts and hope this will improve over time.
I have been searching for reliable color printing system this is the first to meet this!
The X1C is a quick, and reliable printer.
Drukarka bambu Lab X1C to nie tylko urządzenie praktyczne, ale również estetyczne.
Jej minimalistyczny design w połączeniu z wysokiej jakości materiałami, sprawia, że jest to nie tylko urządzenie,
ale również element dekoracyjny.

Dzięki technologii druku FDM, drukarka ta oferuje wysokiej jakości wydruki, nawet 0,008 mm,
a dobierając odpowiedni filament, wydruki będą odporne na blaknięcie i ścieranie.
Zdecydowanie polecam tę drukarkę każdemu, kto ceni sobie wysoką jakość oraz niebanalny design.

W mojej firmie aktualnie posiadam 12 tego typu urządzeń.
The Bambu X1 Carbon is the best high-end printer on the market today. This machine is very fast and can still produce parts with the same quality of lower end printers at 1/5 the speed.
One Printer for all Materials
Without assembling, one of the best FDM desktop printers
This printer is an absolute power house. Great speed, ai detection = low failure rate, fantastic quality.
This printer is unreal. Wi-Fi capable, micro-lidar leveling, magnetic build plate, internal camera and ai powered first layer scan. Too many amazing things to count, the software is top notch as well. It takes all the amazing qualities of Cura and molded it under a Prusa Slicer engine. It's really well designed, it still takes some getting used to if you're not familiar with Prusa. So I knocked a star off for "ease of use" and for "software", this is still VERY early in development as they recently finished with their kickstarter campaign, the firmware just recently got updated from 1.0 which added a ton of new things for the AMS (which is a MUST have!).

I've literally spent more time slicing up projects than I was doing basic leveling on my previous ender 3, which I literally had to watch it for a long while for the first layer to see if I needed to restart or other various needs for the project to be successful. The printer, with it's built in camera pointed at the plate and extruder, I am easily able to see if a print is going to fail, if I need to stop and reset, or if there's an issue such as a clogged nozzle or filament is stuck somewhere. The way it can be taken apart for swapping nozzle's is beyond easy, it does take more steps than another printer will. But for what you get as a result of that time is absolutely worth it.

This printer has changed my business. Prints that would normally take 20+ hours to complete, now get done in less than 7. Or a 8 hour print now completes in an hour or sometimes less. Saving not only my clients money, but I can focus more on what's important, all while being able to visually monitor my print from anywhere using their mobile app. It's also fun to show people what 3D printing looks like live instead of in videos.

A bit spendy, but what you get for it is a speed demon machine that takes quality up to 11. Worth every single penny, the customer service and community are friendly, helpful and very supportive. I highly recommend Bambu Lab!
It just works.
Overall a great printer, have had no failed prints so far
A new generation Printer
Verry Good Printer, the speed is increadable
It is a very smooth and reliable printer. It is a bit loud but its speed is simply crushing the competitors as of today (2022 September). While it only works with the Bambu Lab slicer, the slicer works flawlessly, sometimes better than Prusa slicer. The automatic tuning options gives it great reliability.