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Über BlueBoxGoblin

Blue Box Goblin specialize in 3d printing and 3d modeling. We’re a Swindon (UK) based company, but very often cooperating with overseas customers. We offer a range of 3d services from hard surface modeling to digital sculpting, including lithophane, home décor, office items, gadgets, characters, wargaming miniatures and terrain, finishing at models repairing and printing on demand. 

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Swindon, England, GB
Business type Manufacturing Business
Eigentum Sole proprietorship
Mitarbeiter insgesamt <10
Gründungsjahr 2018
Jahresumsatz ($) 40000


BlueBoxGoblin produced some amazing prints with a great finish. Made life a bit tricky for them by giving a short deadline but they were amazing and got everything done on time. Would 100% recommend.
Response: Thank you! Really appreciate your feedback. Hope to do business again.
Gedruckt auf: EPAX X10
Material: Harz
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