Integration of Smart Manufacturing & Financial Technologies in SMB

Treatstock is a B2B smart manufacturing platform that provides affordable integrated solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We are dedicated to solving top challenges in B2B manufacturing such as long wait time for price calculations, lack of finance, unreliable vendors, problems in logistics, and many other pieces of the puzzle that lead to inefficiency and the loss of millions of dollars.

The problems we solve

Our mission at Treatstock is to solve some of the most challenging and painful problems of the B2B manufacturing world, that especially harmful for SMB. The are lots of problems but top five are more or less the same for all kind of businesses, they are: demand and supply volatility, cross-functional alignment, ability to access/use data and supply chain visibility. We determined some of the main cornerstones leading to such problems: lack of innovations, limitations of offline presence and financial barriers.

FinTech, Instant Quotes and other affordable solutions for SMB

Innovations can be crucial for beating competitors. Our B2B solutions include the automatization of order processes, instant price/quote calculations, FinTech products, smart analytics, and tools for searching and comparing vendors. We have also developed widgets, APIs, and other features to enable partners and manufacturing companies to generate, receive and manage their orders online. Thus within few click even a small manufacturing company with a limited budget can gain online presence and get additional advantages. Treatstock is also dedicated to facilitate technology infrastructure for companies so that they can control critical aspects of their business including financial management processes. Since the beginning of 2018, Treatstock already has over 1,500 SMBs from all over the world using and implementing our solutions.

How it works

  1. Search for suppliers/vendors all over the world using specific filters.
  2. Comparison using integrated tool according to price, reviews, capabilities and others. 
  3. Giving a request to the chosen supplier and getting an instant quote.
  4. User pays in any currency (or cryptocurrency) and gets finance contract.
  5. Tracking the manufacturing process (Logistic assistance and Purchase protection are provided)

Company Bio

Treatstock was initially engineered in 2016 to introduce advantages of online innovations to offline manufacturing. This idea eventually evolved into providing unique enterprise-level products to help SMB companies operate smarter and more efficiently. The founder and current CEO Artem Arno by then already had an experience in managing manufacturing company, that was supplying fabricated parts. Artem is a bachelor in Computer science and has master’s degree in Business Risk Strategy. The rest of the team are devoted professionals as well, we all have come together to find solutions for some of the most painful problems in the world of B2B manufacturing. We have a diverse range of experts in different fields including but not limiting to software engineering, testing, analytics, designing, marketing, SEO and copywriting.

Useful applications

  • Watermark 3D - Technology for watermarking 3D models (patent status: pending).
  • Croud CAD - Cloud-based customization that enables creating a 3D design without any skills or knowledge of 3D modeling.
  • TouchSee - Braille 3D text generator that is intended to make life easier for the visually impaired.
  • Reliefmod - Upload a picture and convert simple 2D images into a 3D bas-relief sculpture that can be fabricated (3D printed/manufactured).