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Xiamen, Fujian
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CNC Machines

Cutting Machines
Haas VMT-750 turning-milling compound
Haas UMC-750 5-AXIS machining
Takumi U800 5-AXIS machining
Haas JC-460-2A turn-milling compound
Haas VF2SS
Haas VMC-V855
Heidemann CNC lathe

Materialien: ASTM A48, Class 20B, Class 25B,Class 35B, Class 55B Class 45/50B, ASTM A536, 60-40-18, 65-45-12, A1-00, A2-02, A47/A47M-99, A43, A4, P20, H13, AL2017, AL2014, AL3003, AL5083, AL5052, AL6063, AL6062, AL7075, Copper, Brass, C28000, C27400, C10100, C10200, PA66, PC, ABS, PP, POM, PAMA, PF, PET, PE

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STEP, IGES, STL and PLY files are supported

To ensure fast uploads, use files that contain single parts

Recommended file formats include STEP (ap203, ap203is, ap214, ap214, ap214is) and IGES (v 5.3 mode 186).

All files are protected by Treatstock security and Watermark 3D

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